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I had an idea for a chronic practical joke.

Find something your friend is phobic or obsessed about and then subliminally drop the thing into conversation at weird times. Then play it off like you didn't.


My friend hates black olives with a passion. So while loading the car for a road trip I might say, "Please put the black olives in the car."

This would naturally be confusing to anyone but especially someone who hates black olives.

So she might say, "Put what in the car?"

And I would reply with the thing I really meant to say, were I not yanking her chain.

"Please put the bike boombox in the car."

"Oh, I thought you said black olives and I was like, 'what did he just say?'"

"What? Black olives? No. That's weird. Cuz you hate black olives."

Then I do it again another day, say going in for a high five...

I raise my hand in the universal high five signal and say, "Gimme a black olive!"


"Gimme one up top...high five...don't leave me hangin'!"

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