My Poor Neglected Car

I did not drive my car this whole week until tonight, because I had to go to the store and buy dog food for Buddy and Foster. Were it not for that errand, I would have been car free for 3 full days. I rode my bike to work every day this week, and I found a slick bike route that avoids a lot of car traffic, although it took a little trial and error navigating the yuppified labyrinthine subdivisions of Middleton WI.

Coming home from work tonight, I tried an alternate route following High Point Road, but the car traffic was excessive and it wasn't much of a difference in distance, so it saved me no time, because I had to stop at a lot of traffic lights and what have you. I had to try it though, so I could know it was not great. It did have some more hills which I liked, because it helps in my RAGBRAI training. I also saw some unique establishments along the way, including an Asian market that I would like to check out sometime.

RAGBRAI is just a few days away, and I am pretty geeked for it. I am feeling pretty strong. I need to adjust the seat height on my cruiser bike (note to self). I am hopeful that Sherry and I can get out for a bike ride this weekend, since she is going with me. However, this is a busy weekend for us both. I have to do some Home Depot shopping for my new house and I also have a college buddy in town I want to meet up with. Sherry is moving into my house for a couple weeks while she looks for a place to live in Madison, because she got a job here, so she is moving in some stuff on Saturday afternoon. I think my new house is too small for her to stay here long term, not that she wants to, but the rent money would be nice. However, four dogs and two people is way too much wildlife for me, notwithstanding my awesome fenced in backyard.

Tomorrow is Thursday, a day that sometimes requires me to drive my car, because it is my CSA pickup day and it is a bit of a hassle to carry my veggie loaded CSA box on a bike. However, with a bit of doing I can put saddle bags on my cruiser and load the veggies into them from the box, leaving the box behind. At the moment, this plan is confounded by the fact that my bike boom box is on my cruiser bike, in anticipation of RAGBRAI. It's a pain to take it off, and I can't put the saddle bags on it simultaneously. However, after RAGBRAI, I can remove the bike boom box and then I will try to get my CSA stuff by bike a few times in August and maybe September.

The other confounder is that I bought an egg share through the CSA this year, and transporting a dozen eggs by bike seems like a challenge, even though this too I have done before, successfully (measured by not breaking any eggs).

On Friday this week, I may bike commute with a friend and ex-coworker who both lives and works not far from me. I think I will ride the cruiser with boom box on Friday so we can have tunes, but also so I can work on adjusting that seat height on the cruiser. When my seat is too low, it causes a popping in the cartilage of my left knee, and even though it does not hurt at all, I don't like the sound of it, and it can't be a good thing long term, me thinks.

GUPPY EFFECT is playing a show at Mr. Roberts Pub in Madison WI this Friday night. I am geeked for that. Then the band does not rock again until September, which is disappointing, but I am out for two weekends due to RAGBRAI and the drummer is out every weekend in August for travel and family stuff. Rocking consistently is an ongoing challenge, but one I hope to someday surmount. It would be nice to be playing gigs most weekends.


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