Preamble to RAGBRAI

It's the Friday before RAGBRAI. Tonight, my riding partner Sherry and I drove to Oshkosh with our Boston terriers (terrors) to leave them with our friend Todd who is dog sitting them for us this week.

Anticipating 400 or so miles of biking next week, we went out for ice cream and then ate some awesome stew that Todd had crock potted up for us.

We watched a couple new episodes of Hemlock Grove and then retired to our bed chambers. We have an early morning tomorrow to get out to central Iowa by noon to meet our bike team, TEAM CRAZY BIRD. Then we'll all travel together to the starting line, camp out, and start biking across Iowa on Sunday.

It is really amazing that Sherry I were both able to make it on RAGBRAI this year between landing new jobs and selling our houses. But neither one of us had to bail and now we're on our way.

Sherry has no idea what she is in for...

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