RAGBRAI DAY 3 - Catching Up

It is the third day of #ragbrai and I finally have time to write a quick post because I am doing a stint in the TEAM CRAZY BIRD van, between Bancroft and Crystal Lake IA. It is really hard to post stuff, even just Facebook, when you are competing for bandwidth with 10,000 other bikers. But now I might have a shot because we are off the main bike route and on the vehicle route.

I have seen some great stuff the last three days. Sherry was a little overwhelmed on day one but she finally got some rest and understood the concept better. It is all about knowing your limits for both bicycling and partying.

RAGBRAI is full of charlatans trying to make a buck off of everything they can. That is a lot worse than it used to be and for that reason I may do RAGBRAI less frequently in the future. But one of my goals is to undermine the charlatans by going on RAGBRAI and providing free services to people. Like last night, when our team gave a free shuttle ride to some nice people from downtown back to the campsite. The services RAGBRAI provides are usually pretty poor considering what is being charged for them. Some of the vendors do have good things, albeit overpriced.

I also want one or more of my bands to play on the route next year. I have not seen any live bands yet this week, and I want to, so I can play with them.

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