RAGBRAI DAY 6 - The Langoliers

On Tuesday of RAGBRAI, we biked some extra miles along the RAGBRAI route to make it to Clear Lake IA, where we had some pretty sweet and cushy digs. Because of that we experienced "future RAGBRAI" before thousands of bikers violated the route with their excessiveness.

Do you remember that Stephen King story, "The Langoliers?" At the end, they arrive in the future and have to wait for the present to catch up. That is kind of what it was like. But earlier in the story, they are transported into the past, where the Langoliers eat everything.

This morning, we spent some time in "past RAGBRAI," because we overnighted off the route and had to catch up with the ride. So we saw a bit of the route a day later after it was "dead," and there were no more bikers.

Adding to the effect is that we tried to shortcut and catch up with the ride, but were prevented because a bridge was out...no doubt consumed by the Langoliers.

Eventually we caught up to the ride and all was well.

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