Sunday Jamz

I wish my band liked playing the Funk's Pub open jam on Sunday nights as much as I do. For me it is a great way to end the weekend, notwithstanding working on Monday morning, because it doesn't really go all that late and it is super convenient since the venue provides all the gear and we don't party too hard usually. That was a bit of a run on sentence.

Rocking is one of my main passions in life, if not the main one, so even though the jam is every week, I never take it for granted. It is an easy and convenient way to rock, especially given the fact that I live in Madison now. But even when it was a 40 minute drive from Cambridge WI, where I used to live, it was still worth it.

My new house has a really nice finished basement space for jams and I fully intend to make use of it for such. There will be house concerts o' plenty. If everything goes to plan. We can record videos down there too. I want to do a video to promote GUPPY EFFECT for live shows. I can mike everything and make it sound good.

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