Things Could Not Have Gone More Smoothly...Almost

Things went very smoothly yesterday as far as the house closings and subsequent moving into my new house.

I closed on the sale of my old house in the morning, and then I was technically homeless for about 6 hours before my afternoon closing on my new house. I had put Buddy and Foster into the kennel for the day, so as not to inconvenience them with my transition to new digs. I was a little worried about putting Foster into the kennel, because he is very sensitive and timid in stressful and unfamiliar situations. But he was in a run right next to Buddy so there was some familiarity there. After closing on the new house, I made an executive decision to go pick up the dogs, notwithstanding the coincident arrival of a severe thunderstorm. Most of the drive to the kennel outside of Cambridge, WI was in a torrential downpour that only let up as I was pulling into the driveway of the kennel grounds, fortuitously. I had planned to go pick them up early the next morning (this morning), but I am glad I got them sooner than later, notwithstanding the bad weather. Once I was on the road to the kennel, it made less sense to turn around and go back home, because traffic was terrible. So I just “rode the storm out,” as they say in the vernacular. Buddy and Foster also got a little more time to acclimate to the new house.

My new house has a fenced yard too, great for the dogs. I am going to make an effort to take them out for morning and evening walks. It will be a good way to check out the new neighborhood and maybe meet some new friends and neighbors. Being so much closer to work, I suddenly have a lot of extra time on my hands that would have been given over to commuting, in the ballpark of 60 to 90 minutes of extra time each day. I can certainly give a portion of that time to Buddy and Foster so they can get out more. My drive to work is less than 15 minutes in light traffic now. I can also bike commute to work, which I will probably attempt tomorrow, in about as much time as it used to take me to drive to work from Cambridge.

In my new house, the living quarters are fairly modest and more economical. I sacrificed some habitation space so that I could maximize on music/jam space. I need to embrace expanding the amount of space I give over to my number one passion in life, which is the making of music, both live and recorded. The new house has a fabulous finished basement where I can really set up a nice studio for band practices and live audio and video recording. It’s also big enough to host some house concerts (August 16th is the target date for the first one of these at my new pad, and it will double as a house warming party).

My old house was bigger than my new house, but a lot of the space was underutilized, so I do not mind the downsizing. My current yard is smaller too, which means less mowing. I have a friend who is gung ho to help with mowing and yard work. She lives in a condo and doesn’t get to indulge her penchant for outdoor work and gardening. So that will be a win-win. I am totally going to pay her too, and since she is newly self-employed, the income stream might be helpful to her. Self-employment is all about multiple income streams. Speaking of income streams, I may not hit my full 40 hours at work this week. I took Monday off because of the closings and even though I will work longer hours the rest of the week, I have too much going on to comp back the full day of lost wages. It’s not a bad thing though. I came out of my house closings with a decent chunk of cash, so I can rationalize the reduced hours at work. My boss is totally cool with it and being that Friday is July 4th, I get eight hours of vacation this week too, which helps. I’d work on Friday to make up the lost time, but I made plans to go on a fun camping trip with friends, and sometimes VALUE is more important than MONEY, even though VALUE does not pay the bills directly.

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