Bike With or Without Melinda Pre-Ride

This weekend, Sherry, Jerome, and I drove up to the cabin and did a social bike ride a week ahead of BIKE WITH (OR WITHOUT) MELINDA over Labor Day weekend.

Sherry and Jerry, as I call them, cannot do BWOWM, so we decided to come up this weekend instead.

I will be up next weekend for BWOWM, but I am not sure if anyone else is going to come. I have some tentative commitments, but these tend to fluctuate as the date of the event nears. Labor Day falls on September 1 this year, which makes the weekend a transitional one for many people who have end of the month commitments. For example, Sherry, who has to move to her new apartment on September 1 and needs to spend the weekend packing up. Similarly, my friend Becky wants to come on BWOWM but has to move some stuff into storage that weekend.

Then there are bound to be one or two people who are like, "Oh...Labor Day is on September 1? I thought it was the next weekend. I guess I can't go after all..."


But no matter. I will be here enjoying the northwoods. Anyone else who comes will only augment the fun. Shell Lake, on which our cabin sits, has Native American healing powers, so swimming in it is a great way to rejuvenate. Then there is fishing and windsurfing options.

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