It was a fabulous night to ride my bike downtown to the community radio station I am going to volunteer with a little bit, so that's what I did. It is WORT 89.9 FM. I will be archiving some radio shows onto their web site for people to stream after the fact, at first. Eventually, I will expand into other areas. I put "health writing" as an option on my volunteer application.

I drove to work today for a number of reasons. One of them was getting new locks on all my doors as a security precaution. I just moved to a new house in Madison and it never hurts to change the locks. You don't know who the previous owner gave keys to. Anyway, I had to wait at home in the morning for the locksmith to arrive, during which time I got caught up on some episodes of Hemlock Grove on Netflix.

Work involved prepping for a meeting and the meeting itself, mostly. A small amount of fecal matter impacted the fan, but it wasn't tragic. It just slowed things down a bit.

I got home and made a quick dinner and let the dogs out before I tooled down to WORT on my cruiser bike and met the web development guy, Tim, at the station who trained me on the archiving process. It's pretty easy, but has a bunch of steps and requires some finesse in selecting descriptive meta tags so people can find the shows when searching the Internet. My friend Holly was there too. I am kind of taking over her duties and that is how I found out about this volunteer gig. I will probably give them 3-4 hours per week. It's a fun and very laid back radio station.

Anyway, I could have driven to the station but it was a beautiful evening, so I decided to bike. And besides, it is moving week for the college kids, so parking might have been a chore. I took the Southwest Commuter Trail which is quite close to my house and runs right past WORT in Madison. It is exactly 30 minutes door to door. The bike path is mostly downhill going into town and slightly uphill coming back. The trail was a bit crowded on my way to the station, but by the time I came home it was very underpopulated, which I like.

A good day, and I am tired and will probably sleep well tonight.

GUPPY EFFECT had band practice last night, in anticipation of our show at Mr. Roberts this Thursday 8/14/14, and our show at the Mason Lounge on Wednesday 8/20/14. We are pretty much doing the same set, though I am not sure why we are doing two shows so close together in Madison. I guess the Roberts show will be good for our late night partying fans who do not have to work on Friday and the Mason show will be for our working stiff fans who have a curfew, because the Mason show will be pretty early, 8 to 10 PM.

My house warming party is this Saturday, with rocking provided by HIATVS.

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