I Should Definitely Use Craigslist More

Last night I borrowed my friend Chris’s pickup truck and went about gathering up some things I found on Craigslist, with the help of my drummer Jon, from GUPPY EFFECT.

One of these things was a fairly new queen bed for the guest room for my new house. It was just a box spring (still in plastic wrapper) and mattress, no frame. But it is perfectly fine without a bed frame, for now. I may get one someday. My friend Sherry is renting my spare room for the month of August until she can move to her new apartment on September 1. I am so geeked that Sherry decided to come to Madison for work (instead of Milwaukee). She is a great friend and we like to do a lot of things in common, like biking and going to see good bands (including GUPPY EFFECT).

I also found an outdoor wicker love seat, chair, and small table for my back patio. They are metal framed, comfortable, and look great.

After the furniture haul, I filled the truck with gas and returned it to my buddy Chris, then took Jon to Vintage microbrewery and restaurant and bought him some food and drink in exchange for helping me out. We talked band stuff and commiserated on the poor public support for great local music like our own.

This weekend, I am going to head up to the cottage and visit with the family for a spell. I will cruise up late on Friday night so that I can have all day Saturday to chill and do a tad of fishing and biking and whatever else. I will also have most of Sunday up there, and head home late afternoon. I may or may not go to the Funks Open Jam on Sunday night, depending on when I get home.

On Monday night, I am borrowing the truck again from Chris and will go and secure the last of the items on my Craigslist haul, a glass topped patio table and some matching chairs. Then my patio layout will be complete, in anticipation of my house warming party on Saturday August 16.

I do not have a BBQ grill anymore, and that might be useful for the party, but I don’t grill a lot. I might try to borrow a grill for that event.

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