In Lieu of Biking...

This year’s BIKE WITH OR WITHOUT MELINDA event looks to have a record turnout.

That is to say, a record LOW turnout. I am in fact the only one attending. Since I have been hosting it since 1999, I am not about to cancel it due to lack of attendance. You never know, someone else might decide to come at the last minute, even if the chance is somewhere between zero and epsilon (a value slightly larger than zero).

I am just going to modify BWOWM to my own tastes. Since social biking is out of the question with no one to socialize with, I am going to challenge myself to a 10 mile run/walk around Shell Lake WI. I will start at the cabin and proceed clockwise around the lake.

So this year it will be renamed RWBJASL (Run/Walk by Joe Around Shell Lake). Isn’t that a fabulous acronym?

I have been running a bit the past few weeks, usually 2.5 to 3.25 miles, with my friend Danielle. I am in pretty decent shape for running that kind of mileage. However, I am not quite ready to run 10 miles non-stop. Hence, I am allowing myself to walk all or part of RWBJASL (I pronounce it ROOB-JAZZLE…how do you pronounce it?).

I also have a blister on my left foot that is bugging me and I don’t want to aggravate it by running on it. Walking should be fine, because I can adjust my gate to avoid the blister.

I will take on this run/walk a “bear horn.” This is a small stadium horn that is modified to scare the bejesus out of black bears, which are pretty common around Shell Lake, even though I have only seen 3 or 4 in my life there and they are generally afraid of people (and nocturnal). I will also bring a jug of water for hydration.

The weather is supposed to be fair and sunny, so I will have SUNSCREEN as well. I plan to do this run/walk on Sunday, the day that BWOWM would normally happen. However, I may do a shorter warm-up run/walk on Saturday, of perhaps 5 miles. I don’t want to exhaust myself though, so there is no guarantee I will do the warmup. I might rest and let the blister heal a bit.

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