No Shortage of Aerobic Fitness Today

As BIKE WITH (OR WITHOUT) MELINDA approaches, it looks to be a very low turnout year. As of now, there is no one who has RSVP’d in the affirmative, which is totally fine (BWOWM is supposed to be a small event...but not this small).

Past years’ attendees have other commitments this year, precluding them. I still host the ride even if no one comes, other than myself, because it is a tradition. However, I probably wouldn’t stop much to socialize with no one else to socialize with. It will still be fun to chill out at the cabin.

Some years are well attended, others not. It is just the way.

This morning I ran a 5K with Danielle and then bike commuted to work as well. The runs are getting less painful as my body adapts to them and my running muscles strengthen. My bursitis issue has greatly diminished, especially if I remember to stretch and take some NSAIDs right after I am done. This afternoon, I will go into the “comfort room” at work and stretch the hip joint a bit to relieve any residual achiness. The recliner chair in there has an armrest that allows me to cock my leg up just the right way to yank on that tendon or ligament or whatever it is in there giving me grief, albeit much less grief than when I first started running a few weeks back. Danielle is in better shape than me, and younger. She is getting conditioned a lot faster than me, and she leaves me in the dust on uphills, which I hate. I feel like I will eventually hold her back, but maybe I can squeeze in a few solo runs to narrow the skill level between us over time.

Last week we found a nice 5K route in my neighborhood, kind of on accident. If we run again this week, we will probably do that.

I have been driving to work on Thursdays because that is my CSA pickup day, and it is easier to haul my CSA veggies (and eggs) in my car than on my bike. However, weather permitting, I may bike this Thursday (tomorrow) with two saddle bags on my cruiser, with which to haul veggies home. I will put the eggs on top of my clothes in one of the saddle bags, for extra padding. I have successfully transported eggs in the saddle bag of my cruiser before, without breakage. I know my bike commute route really well now and can proceed with caution through the known bumpy and rough areas.

There’s a completely heinous construction zone on Gammon Road now that intersects my bike commute route. The d-bag construction people have carved up the road pretty brutally, leaving a sizeable bike-unfriendly “ledge” that I need to navigate carefully.

That’s about all.

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