This week has been pretty phenomenal.

I managed to work out 3 out of 5 work days this week, and also got a social bike ride in last Sunday, with a group of friends. The social ride was hampered by the destruction of three bike tubes due to flat tires and I wasn’t able to finish it (I had to get sagged by my friend Danielle). However, it was still super fun and a great weather day for riding and socializing at the establishments along the Military Ridge Bike Trail that goes southwest out of Madison WI.

I ran with Danielle on Tuesday morning, then bike commuted to work on Wednesday (~15 miles round trip). I am not usually able to bike commute on Thursdays, but I was able to squeeze in a Capital Brewery Thursday Night Ride after work (~17 miles) and before GUPPY EFFECT’s gig at Mr. Roberts Pub on Thursday night. GE really brought the thunder, opening for touring singer/songwriter Dixie Duncan and a Madison punk rock outfit called Son of a Gun. A lot of talent there last night. I ended up staying out until almost bar time to hear the last band and get caught up with my friend Tami.

I had planned to run this morning with Danielle, but due to the late night, I decided to sleep in and canceled on Danielle. However, we might run tomorrow (Saturday) morning, and if so, I will have 5 workouts under my belt for this week (what is under my belt is the problem that necessitates more workouts…I love to eat!). Tomorrow will be a very busy day though. In the morning, I have to cruise over to Whitewater and pick up my dad’s bike, which I took in for a tuneup at BicycleWise. En route, I will get an oil change at Cambridge Auto Repair Shop (CARS), where I used to go when I lived in Cambridge. It’s hard to find a good mechanic, so when I have a chance, I take my car to Terry at CARS. So I need to get up buttcrack early if I am going to squeeze in a run before that.

In the afternoon, HIATVS is going to dress rehearse for our performance at my house warming party on Saturday evening. My whole family will be in town for that, as well as numerous friends. It’s going to get pretty crazy at my house on Saturday. I am hoping for good weather so people can congregate on the back patio. I would like to secure a grill for the party, and might be able to work that on Saturday, if my pops can help me transport one in his SUV.

Last Tuesday night I went into the WORT 89.9 FM community radio station and signed up to do a bit of volunteer work. Sounds like a fun low maintenance gig and the station is right off the Southwest Commuter Bike Path that I can take from my house. I am helping the webmaster archive some past radio shows on their web site, so people can listen to them later. The webmaster Tim is a really nice fellow, enjoyable to work with.

That’s my news. What’s yours? I would love to hear it.

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