It was a superb morning for bike commuting today. Mild and sunny. This entire August has thus far been remarkably cool and dry for Wisconsin weather. It irks me because it’s so unusual. It portends ominousness.

I made the mistake of leaving my bedroom door open this morning, so my roommate Sherry’s Boston terrier, Bella, decided to jump on my bed and wake me up with slobbery dog kisses at about 6:30. My alarm was set for 7. I kicked her out and dozed off for a few more minutes, but the sudden introduction of canine stimuli had done its work on my nervous system and I got up. Sherry also bike commuted this morning, and she left before me because she likes to get to work quite early. She works downtown in Madison WI and has a sweet bike commute along the Southwest Commuter Bike Trail. I rode that trail last night, when I went down to the Madison community radio station, WORT 89.9 FM, to do some volunteering. However, I work on the west side of Madison (Middleton, actually) and although my commute distance is only slightly longer than Sherry’s, I have to take roads mostly and it is a little slower and more time consuming. The back roads I take are not bad as far as traffic, with the exception of a stretch of Grand Canyon Road where the cars seem to be driven by mostly bike hating douche-nuggets.

If there is net global warming, then somewhere on the Earth right now it is miserably hot and humid, because the climate in the Midwest has been remarkably mild and dry this summer. RAGBRAI, the big bike ride in July that I participated in this year, is miserably hot and humid most years. But this year, it was almost perfect weather. It got a little bit hot a couple of days, like into the 80s, but this is nothing compared to the 90s and 100s that are seen on some RAGBRAIs. It also only rained briefly one morning during RAGBRAI and we were able to wait it out and then ride, albeit a bit behind the pack. I cannot complain about this great weather, and yet it is worrisome. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so this great weather has to be compensated for in a cosmic sense to not violate the laws of thermodynamics.

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