Running and the Mysterious Disappearing Hip Joint Bursitis

When I first start running after a period of hiatus from the activity, I get bursitis (I think this is what it is, at least according to my osteopathic doctor friend, Tyler) in my left hip. It usually bothers me for a couple weeks, maybe 3 or 4 runs of 2.5 miles or so, then pretty much goes away and I can run just fine without any pain thereafter as long as I keep it up and don't go on another long hiatus.

It is not clear to me why this pain goes away after a while. I would think that my hip joint would continue to get inflamed with every run, so the bursitis should be chronic. All I can think is that maybe it is a muscular issue and as with my other sore muscles, with training and repetition comes strength and adaptation of the muscles to the new activity. This hypothesis is supported by two pieces of evidence.

1. The bursitis seems to go away in about the same time frame as the soresness in my other muscles.
2. The pain can be diminished with proper stretching of my glutes and IT band.

The thing I don't understand is why it is only in my left hip and not my right. If it is muscular, shouldn't I be feeling it in both?

Your thoughts?

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