I like running in the morning. It energizes me and fills me with euphoric endorphins, an effect that lasts most of the morning and usually well into the afternoon, so that I am riding high at work.

I ran this morning, as well as last Tuesday morning, with my friend Danielle. Today’s run, or more appropriately its after effects, will serve me well today, for reasons I cannot disclose until next week. That’s not a ploy to get you to subscribe or regularly follow my blog, but stay tuned if you want full disclosure next week.

This weekend, my old band HIATVS will reunite in my basement jam space for a rehearsal in anticipation of my house warming party the following weekend, on Saturday August 16. I think my whole family is coming down for that and a handful of friends will be there too, so it should be a good time.

Tonight there is some kind of microbrew beer event on the east side of town, which I will probably attend with HIATVS guitarist AquaMunkee once he gets into town, and after we delight in some fish and chips from the Seafood Center, a place we used to eat at (albeit at another location) when he lived in Madison. On Saturday morning, I have a bunch of errands to run before the HIATVS rehearsal and may grab lunch and catch up with my buddy Branden. On Sunday, I am leading a social bike ride along the Military Ridge Bike Trail, from Verona WI to as far as we get (maybe Ridgeway?).

There is no open jam this Sunday, which is annoying, because HIATVS was planning to make a rare appearance at it and the planets looked to be aligning, what with Aqua being in town and all. But maybe we will just jam some more at my place and tighten up our backstrokin’.

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