The HIATVS House Warming Concert Was a Huge Success

I had a house warming party this past Saturday at my new house in Madison, and my band HIATVS (usually on hiatus) came off hiatus for it. My immediate family and a number of friends attended and it was a very fun time. The performance got off to a bit of a late start, as is usually the case with these things. I had the party kicking off at 5 PM, assuming people would be fashionably late, which was true, and hoped we could get the rocking going by 7 PM, allowing people time to socialize and eat before the music started.

My family all chipped in for an awesome gas grill for the back patio at my new house. It required some assembly and there was some confusion about how to use it, so the grilling was delayed by a few minutes, which meant the eating and subsequent rocking were delayed a few minutes. But no matter, we still got to rock and it was a fun time. My new basement jam space is bigger and has better acoustics than the one at my old house in Cambridge WI.

HIATVS had planned to perform two short sets of music, but we ended up merging them into one marathon set. We were quite entertaining, and thanks to a couple of rehearsals prior to the show, and a lot of woodshedding on our own time, I felt the performance was as biff free as it could be.

Everyone was attentive and applauded often. We were told afterwards the acoustics and the mix were good, principally that all the vocals could be discerned. We were also told that the music wasn’t very audible outside the house, which is good news as far as not annoying the neighbors (who were invited, but had other commitments of their own).

A friend named Shawn did a guest appearance with us, singing the Jeffery Dallas song, “Akbar,” which has a backstory beyond the scope of this post (but suffice to say, this song became my bike team’s theme song on RAGBRAI back in July, and Shawn was the one who introduced it to us on that bike ride).

The new grill worked fabulously, and I used it again on Sunday afternoon, when we were visited by my parents and our friend Todd, to cook some more meats and also some grilled vegetables using the vegetable grilling tray that came with the grill. I am going to try to use the grill a lot more this summer and into the fall. My sister says she uses her grill almost every day to cook foor and it seems economical. The propane tanks are supposed to last a long time, provided you don’t accidentally leave them on.

Overall, it was a great weekend, although I was fairly tired due to the effort of the house concert and not as much sleep as I would have liked. But I did get a decent night of sleep last night and met my parents for breakfast at their hotel this morning, before they traveled back up to the cottage in northern WI for some more R&R.

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