Compelled to Smells

I packed two apples in my carry on bag for my fairly short one day one way trip by air transport to Akron OH from my current home town of Madison WI.

Airport food is both expensive and not especially satisfying or healthy.

I am sort of half assedly on a health kick to eat better, get in shape, and live healthier. I would like to be whole assedly in pursuit of these goals, but it has been challenging, and half assedly is at least better than nought assedly.

In any case, I insightfully packed the apples to keep hunger at bay in the airports while also snacking healthily. Two hurdles exist, though I fully intend to overcome them. One is that apples are not particularly filling for me and they actually seem to make my stomach grumble more than when I eat nothing at all. The second is that the smell of airport food is remarkably compelling. My departure gate has a hotdog stand nearby that is emanating a ridiculously good smell and my scent sensitive emotional reptilian brain is rattling its cage in an effort to convince my reasoning rational higher brain to give in to temptation.

However, I shant.

I don't think.

But it is fun to observe the mind games played by old brain vs. new. Or perhaps more accurately, my new brain is entertained by the old, in the way that a crocodile trainer is entertained by the behavior of the crocs. The trainer knows what he is doing but must be ever vigilant to the tricks of the crocs.

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