Because I ran 3.3 miles this morning and also bike commuted to work (about 15 miles round trip, after I bike home tonight), I allowed myself to use a packet of Newman’s Own Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing on my salad at lunch.

Normally, I use a packet of Newman’s Own Light Italian dressing because it is one of the few dressings that has no added sugar. The vinaigrette does have some sugar, and a bunch more calories too, as a result.

I earned the slightly sweeter and tastier dressing today, I think.

The run this morning was a real slog, because it was really warm and humid out, with no breeze. I was sweating profusely as my body made a feeble attempt to cool itself. My friend Danielle, with whom I ran, outpaced me near the end. The humidity was just draining me.

I was tempted to walk a couple of time, but I made myself continue running, albeit at a slow pace.

As fall progresses and cooler weather arrives, that should make running a lot easier, although increased precipitation may hinder both running and biking.

I have a narrow window of environmental conditions in which I can exercise outside. For biking, it needs to be over 45 degrees F and not raining. It can be sprinkling or cloudy, no problem. Just no storms, with lightning. I will actually bike in temperatures up to almost 100 degrees F, provided the distance is not heinous and I have ample access to food and hydration. That said, on RAGBRAI 2012, I biked 110 miles in 110 degrees. It was painful, but I made it.

For running, the temperature has to be between about 45 and 65 degrees F. Above that range and I am miserable, unless there is a solid wind blowing to cool me off. Below that range it is just too damn cold.

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