In the Court of the Crimson King

Last night, I went to see King Crimson at the Barrymore Theater with my friends Bryon and Rachel Dudley, who drove out from Ames IA for the concert.

It was a good concert, although the low end and bass were muddy, so I did not have good fidelity of Tony Levin’s awesome bass and Chapman stick playing, even though we were sitting right near the sound board, which usually correlates to a good mix. It might have been that the room just resonated badly at those lower frequencies, but that’s still not a great excuse because those things can be compensated for by a knowledgeable sound crew.

Anyway, the concert was only about two hours long, with no intermission, but it was quite captivating and seemed to be even shorter than that.

Bryon and Rachel arrived in Madison a short while before I got home from work and they grabbed a drink at Laredo’s, a Mexican restaurant near my house. Bryon texted me to let him know when I got home. I bike commuted yesterday, but I had it timed just right to get home about 5 PM. I texted Bryon back that I was home and to score some beer at HyVee on his way over to my house. Earlier in the day, I had scored 2.5 pounds of ground bison meat at the CostCo next to work, along with some buns.

As I waited for Bryon and Rachel to arrive, I fired up the gas grill on my patio and hand molded about six bison burger, which I threw onto the grill along with some Italian sausages I had in the fridge. I was still in my bike clothes, but I figured I would shower before we went to the concert.

When Bryon and Rachel arrived, I showed them to the guest room where they would be staying the night and started to give them a tour of my house. We busted out some wit (wheat) beer they had bought and were looking out over my backyard when my friend Danielle arrived, expectedly (we had discussed it earlier in the day), to borrow my lawn mower and pick up a spare key to my house, because she is dog sitting for me this weekend when I go to Ohio to buy a new used car from my mom.

After Danielle left, I showed Bryon and Rachel my band practice jam space in the basement. Being musicians themselves, they could relate to the functionality of it as both a practice space and a performance space for house concerts. They liked Stefan's LED light rack that we sometimes use for GUPPY EFFECT rock-n-roll shows.

We ate the grillables, I showered, and then we hit the road for the Barrymore Theater and the King Crimson show, stopping briefly so I could get money to afford the $5 beers at Barrymore. Actually, $5 is not bad for venue beer and they served it in large plastic re-usable "Barrymore Theater" cups that you could take with you as a souvenir. It is kind of an admirable marketing ploy actually, getting their brand into peoples' homes in the form of a perfectly useful drinking cup, and actually making money on their advertising that way.

After the concert, we decided to go next door to a local neighborhood bar called Mr. Roberts, where GUPPY EFFECT and my country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS, have rocked before. Being a Tuesday night, I did not think anything would be going on. But I was wrong.

There was karaoke. And it was good. Bryon and I sang " Just Dropped In" by Kenny Rogers, and I did a rendition of " Gay Bar'" by the Electric 6 that guarantees no future Presidential run for me. Bryon and Rachel did a duet as well. I would go back to this karaoke. It was decent and I like Mr. Roberts as a place to hang out. The crowd is a bit rough around the edges, but lots of hippie types.

On the way back home, we stopped at Burrito Drive, a late night burrito joint, so Bryon and Rachel could experience one of my favorite fast food eateries in Madison. They loved it.

Eventually, we went home and fell asleep. In the morning, no one was very hungry for breakfast, because the burritos were still smoldering in our bellies. I took part of the morning off from work to accommodate my house guests. They eventually hit the road about 10 AM I think. I worked remotely on my home computer until lunch time, then donned my work threads and went into work for the remainder of the day.

Quite a fun Tuesday night, though I did have to skip my piano lesson due to the rock concert. Tonight, GUPPY EFFECT is rehearsing in my basement. We might perform at the aforementioned Danielle's house party on Friday Rocktober 3, and we are definitely performing at the Wisco (Willy Street Pub) in Madison on Friday Rocktober 10. After that, GUPPY EFFECT does not play again until November 14, I think, which will be a Lebowski themed rock-n-roll bowling party at Tower Lanes in Beaver Dam WI.

The country band has gigs up north in Minocqua WI on Rocktober 18 and 31, with a tentative November 1 gig maybe up in the Wausau area. The Halloween gig(s) will be themed on the music and characters of the Traveling Wilburys.

So I am feeling pretty flush with gigs right now, for the next couple months before my big Australia trip. Fun times ahead.

Be excellent to one another.

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