I got a decent night of sleep last night, in part because I went to bed at a decent hour.

My sleep has been restless lately, and I’m not sure why. Life is good. Work is enjoyable. I am having fun living in Madison.

It is unclear why I wake up during the night and feel like I do not get deep sleep.

Maybe the Yellowstone caldera volcano is going to erupt soon, and like a wild animal of the forest, I somehow sense it at a deeper level and it agitates me.

However, that seems like a stretch.

It is probably more likely to do with things I want to accomplish and have not yet.

For example, I want to order some temporary tattoos for the band, but I never seem to find the time to do it.

I have an idea for a community service organization I want to start (top secret), but I need to find time to make business cards and t-shirts.

I want to get back into practicing piano.

These are little trivial things. But perhaps they add up and put unrest into my conscious mind.

I am going to go and meditate in the COMFORT ROOM at work for 30 minutes or so. Hopefully, that will ease whatever is keeping me from getting solid sleep.

But last night, I do feel I slept well. I got a full eight hours and only woke up briefly a couple of times.

I suspect I will not sleep soundly tonight, mainly because there are supposed to be severe thunderstorms all night and the mayhem will probably cut through the solace offered by my earplugs.

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