The Next Couple of Weeks

The next couple of weeks culminates with a dog-friendly camping trip somewhere up in northern Wisconsin.

I can't lie...I enjoy the fall. At least, the early part of it when the cool winds descend from the northern plains, and the rains take on a knowing aire. Joni Mitchell captured this feeling in her song, "Urge for Goin'."

By the same token, "I'd like to call back Summertime, and have her stay for just another month...or so. But she's got the urge for goin'...so I guess she'll have to go."

I do get the urge for going when summertime starts fallin' down. I think it's genetic. Nomadic. Maybe even Gypsy.

Come to find my paternal ancestry is eastern European (thanks 23 and Me!). So there could be some Gypsy in there. I think a case can be made for genetic wanderlust. After all, my dad's ancestors ended up in Australia. That's some serious mobility.

Conversely, I have always felt more anchored to my existence due to my mom's no nonsense approach to life. Her ancestry is English and probably Irish (thanks 23 and Me!). These ancestors were island folk, forced to make due with limited resources in a small land area. It is no wonder her ancestors made their way to North America to seek better fortunes. An island can only support a finite population and this means that a larger percentage of island populations are forced to become innovators and creators.

I think I get my creativity and my grounding from my mom, although these two forces are sometimes at odds. Grounding usually wins. But the wanderlust is driven by the genes of both of the gametes that formed the zygote that eventually led to my current state of preparing for a camping trip almost a fortnight hence.

Travel is in my genes and I am compelled to it, especially when late fall transitions into winter proper and I long for the tropics. I get to fully indulge this compulsion this year when I travel to Australia in late November with my entire extended family. It is going to be awesome.

It is times like these when I give thanks to the cosmos that I am in a great place in my life. My contract job allows me to offer my skill set to those in need in exchange for cash, without all the drama of full time, long term employment, and I can travel at will.

Sometimes I don't see how good I have it. Then I do, and I am happy.

Anyway, between now and the camping trip some good things are happening.

My band, GUPPY EFFECT, is playing a show as part of BUBBLE MUSIC FEST in Madison WI. We are playing a set at the Rigby, a downtown pub with an apparent Beatles theme. We don't have that many Beatles songs, but we are such a good band that we managed to hash out a few at band practice tonight.

We will do a punk rock version of HELP, a ska version of HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY, and a fairly traditional albeit better version of TAXMAN.

The band will probably hit the town on Friday night, before we play, to check out some of the other bands.

On Sunday, September 14, there is a big social bike ride being hosted by the Capital Brewery (of whose bike club I am now a member), followed by Oktoberfest (or, if you will, Rocktoberfest...and you will) celebrations. I think a bunch of my Madison biking pals will be participating in this, weather permitting.

Well, that's about it. Signing off.


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