This Never Happens

Despite yesterday's small fire at an air traffic control facility in Aurora IL that services Chicago's Ohare airport, and which snarled air travel at Ohare, my flights from Madison WI to Akron OH via Chicago were completely unaffected. They were, in point of fact, on time.

The weather in the midwest is about as perfect as can be, sunny and mild. There was no line at security in Madison and I even had a short chat with the TSA agent about how her day was going ("slow") and if she had any word on Chicago delays (she was remarkably on top of the status reports, though she did not recall seeing or hearing anything about my particular flight).

The Madison flight took off on time and had no delays getting a gate once it landed in Ohare. It was Gate F 11B.

When I got off the plane, the LED screens of flight departures were right across the concourse and they indicated that my connecting flight to Akron was leaving, on time, from Gate F11A...the adjacent gate.

This never happens. The Cosmos was clearly smiling upon me. Could it be that my active efforts last week to be kind, polite, and helpful to as many people as I could was now being redeemed in a karmic jackpot?

But that's not all. The Cosmos wasn't just smiling upon me. It was actively advocating for me. When I took a seat at Gate F11A (there were several conveniently available) and turned on my phone (power outlet right next to my seat), I had the following email from United Airlines Customer Service:

Gate Change:
United flight UA3256 will depart from gate F11a.
Departs: Gate F11a, Chicago, IL (ORD - O'Hare) at 12:55 p.m. on September 27
Arrives: Akron/Canton, OH (CAK) at 3:10 p.m.on September 27

So my Akron flight had originally been at another more distant gate. I don't know what gate because my boarding pass just says "Not Yet Assigned" in the gate field. But that is neither here nor there. The point is that the Cosmos took it upon itself to make sure my connecting gate was as close as possible to the gate I arrived at on the Madison flight.

Maybe helping that little old lady in traffic the other day while I was bike commuting caught the "eye" of the cosmic powers that be and they decided to reward me. My rational brain, of course, rejects this notion as unscientific, but the facts on the ground are indisputable. The fluctuations in the quantum vaccuum energy (dark energy) work in mysterious ways.

My Akron flight doesn't depart for a couple of hours yet. I gave myself a long layover in anticipation of total cosmic disregard for my trivial existence and Ohare is a notoriously hassle-ridden airport, frought with flight delays and cancelletions at the best of times, never mind the day after a fire at one of their air traffic control facilities. So the down side of this karmic payday is a long time to wait. But waiting for me is opportunity to think, write, and possibly read. There is no such thing as boredom for an introvert like me. It is a nonstop party in my head. Win-win.

I am well aware that a lot can go wrong in two hours but I am going to remain optimistic that this quantum bubble of karmic advantage will remain stable until at least after my air travels are complete. Then if the Positron particles holding it open decide to tunnel to a lower energy state after that, no troubles bubbles. I only had a one way flight to Akron because the purpose of my trip is to buy my mom's 2008 Prius, which I will be driving back to WI on Monday, again via Chicago.

So I will see if the Cosmos can navigate me fairly effortlessly through Chicago traffic. I will help by timing my drive through the city to not coincide with Monday evening rush hour. Still, clearing a path through Chicago traffic would be a formidable task for even the most potent deities. I will definitely post an update after all my travels are behind me on Monday night.

In the meanwhile, I guess I will continue my crusade of being the best person I can be and see if the Cosmos likes that.

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