A Week of Rocking and Singing

It’s going to be a musically dense week for me.

Tonight (Monday), I am going to continue to hone Traveling Wilburys songs in advance of tomorrow’s country band practice and Friday’s Halloween Party, at which the country band will be emulating the Wilburys via group costume at the Minocqua Brewing Company. I am going as Jeff Lynn.

Before tonight’s practice session though, I will be grilling on my patio, because it is a beautiful sunny day today, in the low seventies, and that’s too compelling to pass up. Thanks global warming!

Tuesday night is country band practice, with the Wilburys focus, as I said.

Normally, I would have punk rock band practice on Wednesday nights, but that band had to suspend practice for this Wednesday because of a scheduling conflict. So I will have to practice EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE songs on my own that night. However, the main vocalists in the punk rock band (everyone but the drummer) will get together on Thursday night to rehearse vocal harmonies, which are extremely tight in this band. I will have to cancel my RSVP to a holiday social event at the Vintage Brewery for that night because of the reschedule, but that’s totally fine with me. Rocking is a priority and sacrosanct. Plus, the sooner I get up to speed on the EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE songs, the sooner we’ll be playing shows.

Depending on when the punk rocking is done on Thursday, I will probably do another run through of the Wilburys tunes for the country band. Or, if there is time, I might catch the tail end of the aforementioned social at Vintage, since it is so close to my house. But I will feel guilty about it if the rocking is not up to par. As you know, I am a very driven and dedicated rocker, and I like to be 110% on my performance, even though I don’t usually have to worry about being the weak link in the chain, because with the exception of the punk rock band, most of my music collaborators aren’t quite as fanatically driven as me. In fact, I probably work myself too hard on some stuff. I am glad I have another music project to keep me on my toes, especially since I am playing guitar and singing backup in the punk rock band, which pushes me and takes me a little ways out of my comfort zone. I have been pretty geeked about this band, because the songwriting is fantastic - clever and catchy. I think the best word to describe the lyrical humor is WRY. WRY HUMOR.

Then, Friday afternoon, the country band will head up north to wow people with our lifelike Wilburys getup. If this road trip is like previous ones, I’ll car pool with the drummer, Jon, and electric guitarist, Kyle. I booked us a motel across from the venue, also like last time, so we can hang out on the town a bit after the gig and not have to drive anywhere. That costs a bit of money, but the convenience is priceless. Plus, it is divided 5 ways and we get an all you can eat breakfast buffet on Saturday morning. The drive back to Madison on Saturday is sure to be a long one, because we will have post-rocking fatigue. A power nap on Saturday afternoon may be in order, before I head downtown to hear some punk rock and metal bands at the Frequency. Tim (aka Eddie) from Eddie Ate Dynamite is in one of the bands that is playing, called Government Zero.

I will have a respite from the rocking on Sunday…not that I need one. But I may pop into the Funk’s Open Jam on Sunday night, since I have not attended in a while. Optimally, I could persuade GUPPY EFFECT to rock a short set there, but I know it would be difficult to cajole them into doing it. It’s fun to play with my band though. The jams are OK, but they are usually always the same songs and I get a little bored with them sometimes. But it is still a good opportunity to improvise and it never hurts to exercise the ol’ vocal chords, in the interests of becoming a better singer.

You know, I never planned to be a rock singer. It’s interesting how that came about. I was in a band in college (Iowa State) and we had a female singer. Apparently, she did not see eye to eye with us on a few things and she quit 3 days before a gig, so rather than cancel the gig (weak), I learned to sing as many of the songs as I could and we played the show anyway. I would hate to listen to a recording of my vocals from that gig today, as I am sure I lacked the vocal power and richness that I have gained over the years. But anyway, that’s how I was forced into being a rock vocalist, by a woman! Baptism by fire.

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