Bludgeons in Dungeons

I am relaxing with some coffee at the New Moon coffee shoppe in Oshkosh WI on Day 2 of the 30-day Paleo diet study I am in. It is also Day 2 of the Oshkosh Horror Film Fest that I attend every year, usually with my friend Sherry and others. It is held the first weekend in October every year and this is the fifth year. I have attended all but the first year. Some movies are serious. Some are funny. Most are entertaining and well done. It is put on by the Time Community Theater, a non-profit renovated old movie theater. They do old time scary movies for Friday Fright Night and show campy 80s movies some Saturdays. They make all their money on concessions but I cannot imagine they make very much money, given the $1 popcorn, $2 soda, and $3 beer. But it is usually well attended on event nights.

As for the Paleo diet study, I am about 98% compliant. It is a fun challenge to have to "hunt and gather" Paleo type foods. They are not as easy to come by as you would think. I found some raw mixed nuts at a little vitamin shoppe on Main Street Oshkosh. I also got a Lara Bar there. These have all whole food unprocessed ingredients and no added sugar. They are sweetened with dates, which are theoretically forageable in nature. The one I had contained unsweetened cocoa powder which might be pushing the Paleo acceptability envelope a little bit. I brought some ground bison with me to Oshkosh and I have been eating that. Bison will be a big staple for me this month. Cheese is not allowed, but eggs are thank goodness.

I am feeling pretty energized and content this morning. I would like to say it is a result of the healthy, genetically compatible Paleo diet, but if it is then only indirectly in as much as I am enjoying the challenge of it and I am pleased with my ability to be compliant with it in the face of temptation by non-Paleo foods and the limited availability of Paleo foods while I am traveling. But part of it could be I am feeling somewhat healthier, placebo effect or no. I will probably lose weight on this diet if for no other reason than Paleo foods are harder to come by. I hope that after 30 days of adherence, I will be skilled at finding and preparing Paleo foods while avoiding non-Paleo ones.

Stay tuned to this blog and/or http://cjscicomm.blogspot.com for progress reports.

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