Buddy's Cancer Surgery Fund

You can still donate to the cancer surgery fund for my dog Buddy.

He had the surgery last Tuesday, but we are accepting your kind contributions ongoing to reach our goal and ensure Buddy has good followup care for a high quality of life.

The surgery went very well. Buddy is recovering normally and seems happy and normal. He is also drinking less water, noticeably.

He had been drinking a lot of water before the surgery and the veterinarian said this is common with malignant cancers.

So this could be a sign that they have removed most or all of the tumor and it has not metastasized. Supporting this is that his calcium levels were normal and the x-ray of the lungs was clear (the lungs are a common site of metastasis).

Thanks for all the donations and good will. If you can't donate, perhaps just spread the word to some animal-loving friends.

I think Buddy has a few good years left in him.

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