Country Band Weekend

While I do wish my country band would book more shows closer to the Madison area, it's still fun to road trip up north to perform, which we did this weekend. We supplied music for a private party on Saturday night at the Minocqua Brewing Company and so there were a lot of people there. We stayed at the hotel across the street from the venue so we didn't have to do any driving after we got done performing. Very convenient.

I didn't sleep great however, and so I was tired today when we drove back to Madison. I tried to take a power nap once I got home, but I couldn't fall asleep, maybe from all the coffee I drank. But after the pseudo nap I raked all the leaves out of my backyard and took them to the curb where they will hopefully get collected by the city this week. They slacked on it last week.

After the raking, I made a nice Paleo stir fry for dinner, with a couple eggs as the protein source, and then practiced songs in my basement. The country band is back up the Minocqua in a fortnight to play Halloween night there. We are dressing up as the musicians in a well known Americana rock band and will emulate them for a set of their challenging musical material. We have played this material before, but not for a long time, so a refresher was needed. When I got through those songs, I practiced punk rock songs on guitar, for the band I am auditioning for this coming Wednesday. It is a long shot for getting into this band, because I am not as nuanced on guitar as I am on bass. I can play the songs just fine (although my forearms burn on some of the faster ones), but I just don't know if I am playing them the way they want them played. But we will find out on Wednesday. The songs are fun, catchy, and clever, so I hope I make the cut. I am setting my expectations low so that if I do get picked it will be fantastic. But if I don't get picked it will be more or less what I expected. I am really driven to learn these songs though and I have been practicing them furiously. That has got to count for something, especially if my competition is less prepared than I am. I am always amazed how ill prepared some people are when they show up for auditions. If they did not master the material for the audition, I interpret that as not really caring about the music and being lazy and unmotivated. So if this band feels the same way, my preparedness should indicate to them that I am driven to learn the material and also care about the art.

Well...I am off to bed.

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