Fantastic Weekend

It was some time on Saturday afternoon when I realized that I was having a fully satisfying weekend, and it was only half way done.

On Friday night, my band played a full length show at the Willy Street Pub (Wisco) in Madison WI. It was a great performance and we had a nice turnout of friends and fans. There were a few very minor technical difficulties, which we overcame. The Wisco's sound system had a blown monitor channel or something, so the monitor wedge in front of the stage wasn't producing any sound and our drummer needs vocal cues to know where he is in the songs. We solved this issue by turning one of the main speakers around so it pointed at the band. It seemed to work without feedback and was better than nothing. The other main speaker was next to me, mounted on a bar table, and as we rocked, it began to slowly rotate from the vibration of the music and I had to redirect it every 3 or 4 songs so that it remained pointing at the audience. We had no complaints on the sound except my friend Sherry said it was too loud, which I disagreed with. It was just the right amount of loud.

During the show, my friends Bryon and Rachel Dudley from Iowa arrived. They had actually traveled to Madison to buy my 2001 Prius, which I no longer needed, having bought my mom's 2008 Prius recently. The timing was good though because they got to hear GUPPY EFFECT rock.

After the show, I took the Dudleys to Burrito Drive, a late night eatery that is only a block or so from the Wisco, before we returned to my house for much needed slumber.

We slept in pretty late on Saturday, although I did get up briefly around 8 AM to feed the dogs and let them out before returning to my bed for a few more ZZZs. When we were all up, around 11:30 AM, we cruised over to the local HyVee grocery store and bought grillables. It was a sunny and cool fall day, perfect for grilling. We got some steaks and some vegetables. I grilled the latter using the nonstick vegetable grilling basket that my sister bought as an add on to the grill she gave me as a housewarming gift. I grilled the steaks along with some burgers I already had in the fridge, and then we feasted.

The Dudleys headed back to Iowa around 3 PM, taking the 2001 Prius with them. I was glad I was able to sell it to friends.

It was about this time that I realized there was still a half a weekend to go and I had already had a full weekend's worth of enjoyment.

I chilled out for a bit on Saturday evening and then I drove to my friend Sherry's house and we went to a costume party at the Inferno nightclub. We saw a few musical acts there and had a great time. I violated my Paleo diet challenge when we got back to Sherry's after the party and we ate a frozen pizza. I am fairly adherent to the dietary study I am in but it seems to be more challenging on the weekends. This is the kind of thing the study is meant to document, so not to sorry, but I really do want to be compliant because I am doing this study for health and fitness reasons mostly, as well as contributing to science.

Sunday morning I also slept in and felt very well rested when I got up. I spent a good part of the afternoon listening to and learning punk rock song demos for a band called EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE that I am going to be auditioning for on rhythm guitar. The songs are fantastic, written by my music buddy Tim, and I will mainly be playing guitar (not bass) and only singing backup, so while it will be challenging, it's not impossible I could land the roll and it would be a lot of fun.

I went to the open jam at Funk's Pub on Sunday night and ran the livestream broadcast on the Internet. I also played on three songs with the house band:

1. Sample in a Jar by PHISH
2. Character Zero by PHISH

I feel like I crammed two weekends into one.

Tonight I am going to work on EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE songs some more and practice some piano ahead of my Tuesday night piano class tomorrow. I may be auditioning with EAD on Wednesday night, but if not this week then next. If it is next week, I will have more time to work on the songs. But if it is this week, I will still work hard to master a few of them by Wednesday. The guitar parts aren't super hard but the songs are fast paced and the arrangements can be tricky. I have the list of songs they want me to start on first, so it is just a matter of being methodical and practicing.

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