Happy Halloween

Today, the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and powerful enough "spooks" can fairly easily push their way through your bathroom mirror, the sheer curtains of your bedroom window, telephone lines, and any crack or crevice in the foundation of your home (closest part of your house to Hell), to roam our world. So be careful.

Because Halloween falls on a Friday this year, and follows closely on the heels of a partial solar eclipse, the spooks are free to roam for the entire weekend, not just the day. The "dark magic" of this year's Halloween should be evident by the sudden plunge in temperatures (at least in Wisconsin) after midnight last night. This "chill" is the result of a sudden surge of phantom power (Note: any use of microphones this weekend will be confounded by "ghosts in the machine," such as static and technical difficulties...so musicians, be sure to bring lots of redundant equipment) and spiritual leakage (some attribute this to Satan's anal leakage).

As you may know, folklore indicates that spooks who enter our world on All Hallows Eve often seek out the living to "possess" while they are here, so they can have a more material experience...usually using your carnal being to DEBAUCH in some way, or many ways. This has pros and cons. It allows you to rationalize your debauchery away on Monday, but also strengthens the power of the spooks to return again whenever they please.

Halloween costumes evolved as a means to prevent possessions. Spooks, it turns out, are not very sharp, due to being dead. Their limited senses are overwhelmed by the transition between worlds and when they see a mortal in costume, they are usually fooled into thinking it is another spook or phantom or sexy pirate, and they move on. The costume is a sort of spiritual armor and the more you indulge your inner sexy pirate, the more protection you have.

Arr, matey!

Several of my country band members in the DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS will be actively pulling dead rocks stars across this barrier, most notably Roy Orbison and George Harrison, when we costume ourselves up as the Traveling Wilburys tonight to perform their music at the Minocqua Brewing Company in Minocqua WI (where else?).

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