I have been re-watching the series LOST on Netflix to try to figure out what in the hell actually happens in that show. I hope it makes more sense this time around or else I am setting myself up for another round of frustration. Knowing what I know in retrospective hindsight, I hope to elucidate more things. Sawyer is still almost intolerable with his clich├ęs and nicknames, and almost makes me want to stop watching. But I will see it through. I am not sure I will ever get used to high definition TV. It weirds me out. Everything is too crispy and the sound is off, and the camera jerks around in weird ways. Is this normal?

I have to rake leaves and clean my gutters (in opposite order) tonight, ahead of some predicted rain tomorrow. It is fortuitous that tomorrow is Thursday, the day of the week I typically drive to work because it is CSA vegetable pickup day. Weather permitting, I try to bike commute other days of the week, although I have been lax this week due to some things. On Monday, I drove back from Ohio with the new used car I got from my mom. It was about a nine hour trip with one stop for gas (new used car is a Prius, just like my old car). On Tuesday, I had to go to the DMV and get the car titled and registered in Wisconsin. They only give you two days to do that in Wisconsin, even though most people don’t accomplish it in that time frame. They should give you a fortnight.

So the DMV trip necessitated I drive on Tuesday. I probably could have bike commuted today, but I decided to take the Prius to Tires Plus because of a slow leak in the right rear tire that my dad had alerted me to. Turns out there was a screwy nail (click on image to the left), literally, in the tire. They were able to patch it up just fine. So no biking today. No biking tomorrow due to rain and CSA pickup, like I said. Maybe biking on Friday, weather permitting.

How is your week progressing so far?

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