My Boss Gave Me the Night Off

Firstly, my boss is me. Secondly, I gave me the night off to rest and relax. I have been working overtime at my self employment job of music the past few days, prepping for gigs and the new band. It's hard work and goes late at night. Since I had a rare night off from band practices, I decided to use it for mental rejuvenation, which is just as important as music practice.

I made a leisurely dinner and watched some Netflix. After this post I will go to bed and read a new book (The War of Art) until I fall asleep.

I have found that my productivity is actually better when I make time for rest. It allows the neurons to gel a bit. If I am always driving and pushing, there is a Law of Diminishing Returns at work. For example, sometimes with piano practice, if I step a way for a few days, I find I have improved a little bit when I return to it. It is like my brain is crunching data and running reports during the downtime.

Tomorrow night I'll be back on the job honing vocal harmonies with Tim (Eddie) of EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, the clever punk rock band I just joined after passing last week's audition, and putting the final touches on country band songs. Because Friday night it is a road trip up to Minocqua WI (again) with the country band, for a Halloween show as the Traveling Wilburys (group costume and setlist).

I am kind of annoyed about this Minocqua gig because it is on a Friday and far away from Madison. I don't like the long road trips on Fridays because I have to leave work early and I am usually tired. Much nicer on Saturdays when I can sleep in and we can take our time to get there. Also the pay for this gig won't be worth the effort. But it won't be a loss, so that's cool. Plus I will have the rest of the weekend free for fun stuff in Madison, most notably going to see a bunch of bands on Saturday night at the Frequency.

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