Not One But Three Million Bucks

I feel like not just a million bucks, but three million. That's because of the 2.5 mile run I went on at lunch.

Filled with my own natural endorphins, I am now stretching my muscles in the "relaxation room" at work, before returning to my desk to finish the workday.

This running at lunch thing is pretty cool. My friend Danielle and I only try for 2 miles or so. We don't push it because of the time constraint of the lunch hour. We got 2.5 miles in today, in about 25 minutes. I still had lots of time to shower and change when I got back to the locker room at work.

We are going running again on Friday.

Next weekend I may drive down to Lake Geneva WI where my filmmaker buddy Nick is working on a film. Another buddy, Shawn, from RAGBRAI will be there too. Maybe Sherry will come.

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