They Liked My Hat

I auditioned on rhythm guitar and backing vocals for a band called Eddie Ate Dynamite, and I landed the gig, which is awesome.

The band leader is named Tim (aka Eddie), a guy I know from the Madison music scene, and also from FAWM, the February songwriting challenge I do every year. I have always been impressed with his catchy and dryly humorous songs, so when I saw he was looking to fill a position in the band for a second supporting guitar (he plays lead) and backup singer, I jumped at the chance.

I am not an awesome guitarist by any means. I’m decent and passable, but I am a bass player by trade. I practiced hard for the audition and also got some good tips from Tim the night before the audish, so that our guitar sounds and vocal lines were complimentary. My guitar playing in this band is largely supporting and filling out Tim’s sound and chunking out the rhythm guitar lines when he solos. The bigger contribution I bring to the band is on backing vocals, because I am really good with harmonies. Because guitar is not second nature to me, the biggest challenge is not the guitar parts or the vocals, per se, but rather combining the two…singing and playing at the same time on the songs, which are often fast and have dynamic rhythms and harmonies.

But that’s a skill that I can gain in this band, which will make me a better musician. So it is a win-win. I really enjoy the music, so I am compelled to practice and push myself and master it. It forces me to get out of my comfort zone of bass and vocals, which is pretty easy.

This is evidenced by the fact that after I got home from the audition, I practiced the Eddie Ate Dynamite material for a couple more hours, honing some of the vocal parts we had come up with at the jam so that I could solidify them in my mind. This is a good sign that the band is a good fit for me.

It is nice to be able to do more guitar stuff in my music projects too. I play bass in the country band DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS and my rock-n-roll band GUPPY EFFECT, and I am fully pro there and in my comfort zone most of the time. Eddie Ate Dynamite will push me and challenge me, and that’s awesome. The musicians in the band are top notch and people I have respected in the Madison music scene for a long time (although, admittedly, I had not met their bass player until last night). The drummer, Dan, has played in a few Madison bands, most notably Axiom, with whom GUPPY EFFECT has shared the stage in the past. I have their CD and it is great heavy metal music. All of them are really fun people, which is a big part of the enjoyment of playing music.

Audiences will be completely powerless against their catchy brand of power punk rock songs. Here is a case in point…

Note: Most of their songs are the standard 2 to 3 minute face melters. This shorty is just the meme that will rule the world one day. For now, it just explains the title of this blog post though. They liked my hat, where hat = style.

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