Wishful Doing and Zen Discipline

I have said before that wishful thinking is actually WISHFUL DOING, when you get right down to it.

Nothing is going to happen by itself because I think about doing it. I have to actually do it.

For example, last night after I got home from the free spinning class I did with Danielle, I warmed some homemade Thai curry in the microwave and turned on Netflix (I am re-watching the series LOST to see if it makes any sense to me this time around).

After the bowl was empty, I thought to myself, “I really should go work on practicing EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE songs down in my music room…or, I could watch another episode of LOST.” (NOTE: EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE is the clever catchy punk rock band I just joined after a successful audition.)

The wishful thinking about honing Eddie songs wasn’t going to hone them. My brain began to rationalize in typical defense mechanism fashion, “But Joe, you just finished a spinning class…you are tired…a Man’s got to relax just as much as he works to stay sane and healthy…chill out and work on songs this weekend, when you’ll have all kinds of time…”

I recognized this trick my own mind was playing against me. Purposefully, I did not wait for the cliffhanger end of the LOST episode I was on, which would work against me practicing music and toward me watching the next episode to see if Anna Lucia really does shoot “Henry” in cold blood in the hatch (even though I knew the answer…from the first time through the series).

I waited for a scene transition, and then powered off the TV, rinsed out my bowl, and headed down into the Rock Cave to WISHFULLY DO the hard work of rocking. Once I got into the music practice, it flowed like water down a little waterfall in a stream out in the middle of the woods somewhere. I just had to overcome the hurdle between WISHFUL THINKING and WISHFUL DOING.

Once the DOING was underway…actual progress was made.

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