Writing Workshops

Tonight I volunteered at Madison WI community radio station WORT. This volunteering takes place in my house at my computer, so it sounds cooler than it actually is. I have only been into the studio a couple of times. I actually should probably pop in and meet a few people one of these days. However, my volunteering is all computer work online.

Basically, I put in a couple hours each week archiving a program called Radio Literature. This involves taking the raw audio from the broadcast (Thursday nights at 7:30 PM CST), which is archived on the WORT programming site, and editing it to remove extraneous audio at the beginning and end and any music or promotional material within the broadcast. My music recording skills qualify me to do this job and I use my Logic recording software to do the technical side of it. Then I determine the given show's topic and capture a few keywords from the broadcast, title and upload it to WORT's Radio Literature website. There's a bit more to it. I have to generate some tags, a thumbnail image, and a summary excerpt, that sort of thing.

Anyway, I just finished publishing the broadcast from August 21, 2014, and it was a pretty cool one. Host Marilyn Taylor interviewed a literary fiction writer named Kathie Giorgio, who runs a writing workshop in Waukesha called All Writers Studio. It is open to writers of all skill levels and provides editing and publishing help.

I may have to check this studio out and maybe take a writing class there, although it might have to be an online class, since Waukesha is butt far away from where I live in Madison and my time is precious.

Anyway, just free writing here for 10 minutes before bed. One must exercise the writing neurons daily to keep them in tip top shape.

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