You Will Never Guess Where I Am...

I am walking on a treadmill in the rec room at work.

This is unusual for me because as many of my readers know (all two of them), I prefer to exercise outdoors.

The world is my gymnasium, I like to say. But it is raining in my gymnasium right now...

I am only going to spend 20 minutes on this device. Tonight I am doing a two-hour spinning class that will more than accomplish my workout goal for today. But I needed a break from sitting at my desk, so this is it.


  1. Anonymous10/23/2014

    I despise treadmills! I am an avid runner and have ONLY run outdoors for the past 20 years. HOWEVER, since I recently went back to work full-time, my only opportunity to run is at 6 am...and it's getting awfully dark out. Sooooo...we just purchased a treadmill for our basement. I tried it yesterday, for the 1st time...and I wasn't happy at all. This morning I adjusted the incline and speed setting in an attempt to replicate one of my outdoor runs. It was slightly better and I think I can get used to it. I much prefer running in the open air, but if a treadmill is my only option at 6 am during the winter, I'll take it. :) Shara

  2. We are fully on the same page. About 20 mins is all I can take on a treadmill. So alien to me. I only power walk on them. Running on them is totally repulsive.