A Fantastic Week and Weekend

This week was pretty great, notwithstanding the American public’s Election Day biff on Tuesday, but I’m letting go of that angst.

Because that negative was grossly compensated for by this week’s awesomeness.

Let’s begin with last Sunday, even though by my reckoning, Sundays usually mark the culmination of the weekend.

I went down to the open jam at Funk’s Pub and filmed the livestream for the Intarwebs. My college buddy Nick, now an up and coming LA filmmaker, was in Wisconsin working on a movie in Fontana WI (near Lake Geneva). Having concluded most of the work on the film the fortnight prior, he was able to cruise up to Madison and meet me at the jam, some of his film collaborators tagging along. Nick (drums) and I (bass) used to be in a band in college called FLYING TAXI, so we were able to pull a couple songs out of our arses to jam on, with the help of the house band, MUDROOM. It was a nice reunion and Nick told me all about his movie, “End of Fall,” which he hopes to have ready for the film festival circuit come spring. I gather the movie takes place at the end of the season of fall, by the title, and he certainly picked the perfect time to film. Leaves everywhere! I have to rake some this weekend, actually, weather permitting. I am going to try to get him to submit it to the Oshkosh Indie Horror Film Fest, because I guess it is kind of a psychological thriller. Maybe not quite horrific enough for OHFF though, not sure. Anyway, I digress.

Monday night, I was supposed to meet my friend Sherry after work to make chili at my house. On Mondays, she works out on my side of town and we decided to have a Monday night cooking klatch where we make a meal after she is done working out. I thought it was a great idea. However, she did not feel well and bailed. So, I made chili anyway, and then used the remaining time to rehearse GUPPY EFFECT and EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE (EAD) songs in my basement Rock Cave. The EAD songs are coming along well. The more I practice them, the more my rhythm guitar chops come back, and I am starting to get geeked for February Album Writing Month, during which I will hopefully write a few more guitar based tunes this time around.

Tuesday night, GUPPY EFFECT practiced after a three week hiatus. It was a little rough. We had assigned ourselves two songs to have down for this practice, but no one had learned them (except me…). That was a little disappointing, but we hacked our way through one of them and then beefed up on existing material for our upcoming Big Lebowski-themed rock-n-roll party at Tower Lanes in Beaver Dam WI on Friday November 14 (you should come!). That will probably be the last GUPPY EFFECT show of 2014, because of winter. I hate winter. Can’t help it. I’d like to like it, but I don’t. So I am thinking March will be the soonest I would want to gig after the November 14 show. That allows me to get through the month of FAWM songwriting without gig stressors, although I reserve the right to have GUPPY EFFECT perform at the Youth Hockey fundraiser at the Capitol Ice Arena in February, if we get asked.

Wednesday night, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE rehearsed, sans bass player. We worked on harmonies and I tweaked my guitar sound to be more complimentary to Tim’s (lead singer/guitarist). Then Tim and drummer Dano laid tracks for a MAXMAS Christmas song called, “Kitty Knocked Down the Christmas Tree.” It still needs bass and vocals, but the basic concept is done. EAD might play at the Maxmas holiday show December 12-13, the weekend after I am back from Australia. I hope that works out. It would be sweet to play a show with them before the end of the year. One thing I like about playing rhythm guitar in a band again is the ease of gear haulage and setup, much lighter than a bass rig. I have a decent little combo guitar amp I bought from my buddy Kyle a few years ago. It’s fairly manageable in size and weight and still cranks out a potent sound. It has three channels (clean, rhythm, and lead) and an on-board stomp box to select between the channels, as well as reverb. Its simplicity is great and I do not need pedals (anathema to me). It’s a solid state amp, not tube, so I guess that means I am not a “real” guitarist, but whatever…it does the job and sounds good to me. Tim has a tube amp, so he can go for that “vintage” sound and I will just compliment it with the less vintage electronic guitar tones.

Last night I had a date with a pleasant enough woman, and we ate appetizers and sipped Margaritas. Too soon to say where that’s going, but I’m open to possibilities. After I got home, I practiced some more guitar.

Now it’s Friday, and tonight I am going to eat sushi and hit a sci-fi movie with a group of friends. The movie is called Interstellar, and I guess it’s all the rage. Sushi and Sci-Fi could be the title of a song, and maybe I will write that song if there is enough debauchery tonight to warrant it.

This weekend is a ME weekend, in that I have few grown up responsibilities and no gigs, especially no gigs way the eff up north. The country band played two gigs up in Minocqua WI in as many weeks, leading up to Halloween, and it was a chore, mainly because of the long-arsed drive. Way too much effort for the resulting payoff (a good show and decent pay).

There could be a couple impromptu band practices this weekend and I fully plan to rake some leaves, as I said. My friend Danielle is barhopping in celebraysh of her birthday on Saturday night. I offered to DD. A friend from Stevens Point might come down and visit with Sherry and I. There’s talk of hitting a film festival in Mineral Point WI. The possibilities are endless. There is no jam this Sunday night at Funk’s for whatever reason, so I am wide open on Sunday. Maybe I will go to church (no I won’t…that was a joke).

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