A Fortnight of Muscle Building

Last weekend, I finished up a 30-day study of the Paleolothic diet. I did pretty well because it was part of a formal study by a woman in Chicago who is doing a sort of documentary on the Paleo diet. However, the first three weeks were hard. I had a lot of temptation to deviate from the dietary restrictions, although most of the time I resisted. I did not restrict my caloric intake. As long as I was eating Paleo foods, I let myself eat as much as I wanted. Still, I always felt hungry. I never seemed to be able to fully satisfy my appetite.

Then in week 4, all of a sudden, it became easier. I wasn’t hungry all the time and it felt natural to cook Paleo foods. I didn’t have cravings for non-Paleo foods. When I did my final weigh in at the end, I had lost 6 pounds. Not bad.

Even though the study is over, I am still finding myself sticking to it, without too much trouble. I guess a month is long enough to get into the habit of it.

I have a new fitness challenge now. Weight lifting. As the Wisconsin weather gets cold, I am shying away from outdoor aerobic activity and looking for indoor ways to exercise. At work, there is a decent weight room with exercise machines and weights. Today’s weather was still pleasant enough that I went for a 2.5 mile power walk at lunch, but when I got back, I spent 15 minutes in the weight room doing some upper body muscle building. My goal is to do weight lifting at lunch each work day until I leave for Australia on November 22.

Hopefully a fortnight will be enough time to get into a groove so when I get back from Australia, I can keep it up.

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