A Worthy Reason for a Rock-n-Roll Hiatus

Tonight I will have the last band practice (and recording session) with EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE before I trek off to Australia for a fortnight, starting next week. I'll be sans musical pursuits while I am there enjoying family time and not in any way missing the Polar Vortex (khak!).

It is hard for me to go without rocking for that long, but I will have plenty to do and see down under. I will also be traveloguing the Australia trip via this blog and in my written journal (when I can't access wifi...but I will post that material later). Writing is to methadone as rocking is to heroin. OK, weird analogy...you probably will not see that one on the SAT. (No, mom, I have never tried heroin!).

If you enter your email over there where it says SUBSCRIBE, you'll get pinged whenever I post an entry, pictures, or videos from the Land of Oz (my birthplace, FYI). If you think a vicarious Australia experience is just what you need to keep the winter blues at bay a little longer, DO IT! If not, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and I shall see you in another life...or after I am back.

I'll preamble my trip by going to the SUNSPOT (with Sexy Ester and Twang Dragons) show at the Frequency this Friday night, prior to my Saturday morning departure (which thank goodness is not too early) and marathon journey across the Pacific Ocean.

Which reminds me of a trivia question: Can you name all five (5) of the world's oceans? (No cheating using the Internets...that's weak!).

There are a lot of people who would use international travel as an excuse NOT to go see a live band the night before they leave. I am not one of those people. I need the rock-n-roll fix to tide me over for the fortnight and a quarter (2.5 weeks) that I will be without my precious live rock-n-roll music.

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This is a test.