At This Point...Pray!

My band has a big show Friday.

I have promoted it far and wide to everyone I know.

The problem is that the show is an hour from Madison WI where most of the people I know live.
It's hard to get people to come see a live rock show, even an epic one like this, unless it's pretty close to where they loaf.

So for this show, we will be reliant on our die-hards and the locals in Beaver Dam WI. We have a promoter for this show who has been great at getting the word out to a core base of music lovers in the BD area. We lack name recognition there, but one of my ex bass students who lives in BD is helping spread the word too.

Hopefully the venue, Tower Lanes (bowling alley), has been pulling their weight on promotion too. Venues in WI are notoriously bad about marketing their live music, but I would love it if Tower Lanes proved me wrong.

Since the venue is a bowling alley, it seemed only fitting that we theme the show on the Big Lebowski. That should bring out a few Dude aficianados and the band is fully indulging our inner Dudeness, full costumery and all.

But the bottom line is...at this point...I just have to pray hard to the Rock Gods that we get a big draw for this show. It is our last big show of the year so we want to make it awesome. We may not rock again until March.

I will rock at my maximum capability whether it is 5 people or 500 people at the show (I actually passive aggressively rock even harder when few people make the effort to show up...to express my appreciation for their awesomeness). But it is funner for everyone when it's BIG!

So...say a little prayer to the Rock Gods for a good draw at Friday's show, if you would please.

"Dear Rock Gods...

Please bless GUPPY EFFECT and make their Friday Big Lebowski themed rock-n-roll show at Tower Lanes in Beaver Dam WI ridiculously rocking and awesomely fun. Also please channel your powers through your humble vehicles of rock-n-roll, Stefan (guitar/vox), Johnny (drums), and Joe (bass/vox) so they can firehose your rock love onto the faces of thine flock. We salute you with the Sign of the Goat and pay tribute with flamboyant headgear.


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