Christmas in Australia


Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere. December 25 in Australia equates seasonally to June 25 in the Northern Hemisphere. That is to say, Christmas in Australia falls about three or four days after the longest day of the year down under, in the middle of summer.

It's hot then. It doesn't even snow in Australia in winter usually, but in summer it is often ridiculously hot.

So ice and snow and reindeer don't make a lot of sense as icons for Christmas in Australia. I won't be coming back to the USA from Australia until December 10, but the preamble to Christmas should be in full swing by then. I will have to see what kinds of icons and imagery Australians use to celebrate Christmas. That should be educational.

My dad tells me that Australians don't really try to resolve the cognitive dissonance of celebrating Christmas in summer. They just admit that it is silly to celebrate Christmas in general, even in the Northern Hemisphere. So they just embrace the silliness.

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