Full Blown Case of Vacation Head

Having tied up most loose ends at work prior to my impending fortnight of international travel (Australia if you want to know…), I now have a full blown case of vacation head.

The next couple hours at work will be painfully tedious, because I am essentially looking for stuff to do before I sail on out of here.

My flight leaves late morning tomorrow, which means tonight I will be doing some last minute packing. I need to settle on a handful of books to bring for reading on the long flight over the Pacific Ocean.

There is talk of going to see some live rock-n-roll music tonight, but there is also talk of some freezing drizzle, which might steer me more in the direction of watching Netflix from the comfort of my living room couch and getting an early night.

Even if I go out to the show (SUNSPOT, with SEXY ESTER and TWANG DRAGONS), I have to show some restraint to ensure I am well rested for the 36 hour marathon of travel tomorrow.

I board a jumbo jet Saturday night and travel “with the sun” through an eternal night, essentially losing Sunday entirely as we cross the International Dateline around midnight, and arriving in Melbourne, Australia (voted "most livable city in the world") on Monday morning.

I love time travel.

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p.s. If I decide not to come back...you can pretty much blame THIS GUY.

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