Golden Gaytime at Eildon Were

After making the long drive to Thornton, Victoria, Australia and checking into the hotel there, we went sight seeing to Snobs Creek Falls (described in a prior post) and Lake Eildon, specifically Eildon Were, the location of a legendary tale my dad tells of when he was a boy and the family dog, Dodge by name, saved him and his dad (my grampa who I never met) from getting sucked over the were spillway in a dinghy. The area has changed quite a bit because a new dam was built there and the water level is now 90 feet higher. But it was cool to be able to associate the place with the "Dodge Story" my dad often recounts.

At the time, my grampa had a campsite on the far side of the lake. It was a protected area then as now, but you were allowed to camp there if you had a mining permit. These must not have been to difficult or expensive to get because my grampa had one. Getting to the campsites required a boat and they had a small dinghy with an outboard motor moored on the lake close to the were spillway. As they started toward the campsite, the outboard motor died and they could not restart it. The lake level was high and the water going over the spillway was about five feet deep. So the powerless boat began to drift toward the spillway.

My dad admits that in a worst case scenario they could have jumped out of the boat and swum to safety, but that was a last resort because they didn't want to lose the boat and fishing gear. Dodge the dog was with them and the solution they settled on was to get Dodge, a Labrador Retriever, to swim out and fetch the mooring line of a nearby boat anchored in the were. Somehow this worked and they were able to pull the dinghy alongside the other boat until they could get the motor started again.

After seeing Eildon Were, we drove into the tiny outback town of Eildon for tea at a cafe where I made an awesome discovery. I found a mythical Golden Gaytime ice cream bar in the ice cream cooler of the cafe. I had only ever seen this as a Facebook meme and I was now able to verify, scientically, the existence of this humorously named dessert product.

We hit the grocery store in Eildon for some breakfasty type foods since the hotel was a bit sketch on breakfast availability and then returned to the hotel for a brief rest, when I actually wrote the precursor to this post, but it was lost to some kind of bug in Blogger's mobile functionality, so I am actually now re-writing the entire thing the following morning from memory.

We had a great big dinner at the hotel's magnificent dining hall. I am not clear why the hotels we have stayed at thus far do not offer the traditional hot breakfast" of the British Commonwealth. This would, if memory serves, be a smorgasbord of eggs, bacon and other pork meat byproducts, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, cheeses, bagels, pastries, and cereals etc. Perhaps some place we stay at will offer this before the end of the trip. It is not a big deal but I am a breakfast protein kind of person and this hotel room cereal and banana thing in the morning is not good for my figure.

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