How Will I Fund a Bike Ride in Ireland in August 2015?

My bike team from RAGBRAI, TEAM CRAZY BIRD, is planning to bike ridearound Ireland in 2015, from approximately August 15 to 23, if all goes to plan.

I want to go.

Optimally, I will have a decent paying job (or steady income from some source(s)) and ample vacation time in 2015, to underwrite this trip.

If not, I will throw a fund raiser to raise money for the trip, or save all my rock-n-roll gig money for it, or rack up home equity line of credit debt.

But one way or another, I am going. I have never been to Ireland, much less biked around it. This is a fantastic chance of a lifetime that cannot be passed up. Not to mention, I will be traveling with good friends who bike.

I plan to fully travel blog the trip as well, so my contributors (if I do a fund raiser for it) can experience my journey both virtually and vicariously. This will be motivation to practice my travel writing between now and then, especially during my Australia trip that starts in less than one week (geeked!).

I'll be traveling to Australia with my extended family, so it will be a great time to exercise my writing talents and share my experiences (and pictures/videos) with friends via this blog.

I am so glad I will be leaving the Polar Vortext behind for a fortnight and a quarter.

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