I Have a Right to the 21st Century

I find myself hoping, even praying (though I am not religious), for something to happen in America that grounds all air travel for a while so I will be forced to stay in Australia indefinitely. A zombie apocalypse would be fine. That would be unlikely to reach Australia and New Zealand for the simple fact that travel times exceed viral incubation periods, so by the time planes with infected people got close, they would have been identified (if they didn't crash into the sea). Gunmen would greet these arrivals with extreme prejudice.

I have never visited an industrialized country I liked less than the USA. I am always impressed with every other country's ability to grow their social infrastructure and profit from doing so. I would love for the USA to up their game on this. Free market mechanisms apply to countries as well as companies. As a human being, I have a right to a good society and I will judge each country against my rubric of excellence.

My gut reaction is to simply want to leave America and let it wallow innits mediocrity while I move to a place worthy of me and conducive to my way of life. I think this is an appropriate reaction. Some may argue that I should stay in America and try to make it better, but I think that is a futile fool's errand. America is too far gone down the corporatist path. I see no way for it to recover.

I am lucky I have dual citizenship with 21st century Australia and 20th century USA. I will be sure to renew my Aussie passport when I get back from this trip. Australia has its problems but it is worlds ahead of America. They understand the value of a good society and they are willing to collectively pay for it via taxes, with the requisite amount of Australian windging.

Some Australians don't appreciate what they have. They should live in America for a while. Conversely, Americans would be wise to travel more and see what nice things they COULD have, if they weren't so beaten down by corporate media and government that tells them they can't, as a society, afford them. They could afford them if they were willing to pay for them with higher taxes. But people are reflexively against higher taxes ideologically for reasons they don't even fully grasp.

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