In the Studio

I am in the studio with EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, recording vocals for the EP of punk rock songs we are producing. Once the vocals are done, I think the EP is more or less done with the exception of some mixing and mastering at the hand of drummer and sound guy, Dano.

Book 'em, Dano.

There are roughly five songs on the EP. Six if you count the super short track, "I Like Your Hat."

Recording vocals is a time consuming endeavor because they have to be as close to perfect as possible. You would think vocals would be easier than instruments because you have had a voice with you for most of your adult life and use it often. However, this is not so.

I am hoping things move along at a good clip but so far it is slow going. Then again, we started with the vocally most trying song, called "Bright Tomorrows."

Stay tuned for the EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE EP. Hint: If you subscribe to this blog you will have an insider's finger on the pulse of the band and will be the first to know when things happen, like say...oh, I don't know...an EP release.

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