I have been re-watching the drama adventure series LOST on Netflix, which makes the fact that I will be flying to Australia this weekend just a little bit more exciting. I am fully aware that the TV show is a fiction and that flying in a plane is ridiculously safe. In fact, there is no place on Earth safer than on board a flying plane, statistically. This is true. You are far more likely to suffer from death in your own home than on an airplane. Still, most people maintain an irrational fear of flying.

Not that flying is all that pleasant. From a comfort standpoint, and taking death out of the equation, I’d much rather be chilling out in my house. But that will not get me to Australia. I will be on a plane for a painfully long time, hopefully reducing some of that time via unconsciousness. The air on a jumbo jet filled with all manner of people after 16 hours of flight has got to be pretty rank, filtration and purification notwithstanding.

I’ll also have journals to write in and books to read. One of the bigger challenges is deciding what books to bring. I will probably limit it to three: a fiction, a non-fiction, and a biography (or autobiography). I may substitute a second fiction for the biography, if I don’t land on a good choice for the latter. The selection criteria also have to include the length of the book. I don’t want something so short that I burn through it too fast.

For the non-fiction, I think I might bring Bart Ehrman’s “How Jesus Became God,” a historical (not religious) examination of how a carpenter from Galilee was mythologized into a God over the first 500 years of Christianity or so.

I will probably bring a science fiction novel too. I have some books on Kindle too, but I probably have to save my smart phone battery, so it might be hard to read those on the plane.

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