Obamacare Drained Me Today

It took the better part of a day, but I think I am finally off Obamacare, no thanks to the ACA web site.

I am going on my employer's plan in 2015 and it will cost me about 1/3 the cost of a comparable ACA plan, plus I will get vision and dental with the employer plan (ACA only offered dental).

Working on ACA cancellation today took a lot out of me. But it is done.

I used to think Obamacare was better than nothing. Now I am not so sure.

I am glad people with pre-existing conditions can't be denied health insurance. But that could have been legislated separately from an entire law that basically mandates everyone to become a customer of private for profit health insurers. What incentive is there for a company to lower premiums? Other than free market competition, really none. People will pay what the market will bear.

In my case it would bear a 12% increase in my premium from $342/month to $389/months, if I stayed in the same ACA plan in 2015 that I was on in 2014. Even changing plans, the cheapest that met my needs was $288/month.

My employer plan includes medical, vision, and dental...for $90/month.

No brainer.

Why can't Obamacare figure out a way to lower costs by using a group insurance model. That was originally its intent, to lower costs by getting more people paying in. But the problem is they are not paying into a single public option fund that would allow this. They are paying into multiple independent private insurers who are in competition and intent on profit. So the premiums are going to lawyers and middle men of various tripes.

It should be:

1. Pay premium to government.
2. Government pays providers of healthcare.
3. Get care when you need it.

Makes my blood boil.

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