Obamacare Has Been Disenfranchised (From My Life)

I was able to cancel Obamacare for 2015, though it was not intuitive how to do so. I had to call a customer service representative and get instructions.

As with most for profit commercial ventures, they do not make it easy for you to leave. They should have a big fat icon right on the main page that says CANCEL COVERAGE FOR 2015.

That would be the right thing to do. Instead, the cancel option is buried deep under several layers of “drill down.” That really infuriates me, but I suppose I have to let it go, because that is the way of the world in Corporate America.

The alternative is revolt.

I would fully back and support a revolt against Obamacare. Not to repeal it, but to insist on a public option.

If could be just as simple as expanding Medicare to include everyone, instead of just people over 65.

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