Razbree Layman Eyed

The title of this post is how you pronounce rasberry lemonade in Australian, phoenetically. Try saying it out loud like that and listen to how you sound. Haha! You're speakin' Australian (pronouned "yuh spayken a stryin").

They call McDonalds "Macca's."

I learned today that Australia treats its employees well. They have what are called part time casual employees. These are kind of like substitute teachers but can be in any line of work. If an employer has a desperate need for part time workers, the casuals make themselves sort of "on call," although they can say no. The great thing is that casuals get paid double because they have to come in to work on short notice and disrupt whatever other plans they had.

I would love to be a casual employee working half as long for twice the pay. The random hours would be fine most of the time. I'd just have to decline anything that conflicted with rocking.

Almost every country I have visited treats its workers better than we do in the USA. They recognize the essential value that labor provides and pay them a living wage. And yes, the cost of living is higher in these countries because if we want nice things as a society, collectively, we have to pay for that added value.

If you go in the opposite direction, as the USA does, and try to cut corners and cheapen everything, then you have a cheap and valueless society.

I think I want to live in Europe or Australia or even New Zealand sooner rather than later.

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